COREGEN is on the leading edge for OEM mass production of parts and components for medical applications.  

Surgical instruments have become so small and intricate that traditional methods of production are no longer able to create them with the level of precision required.  At COREGEN we use the absolute latest in manufacturing techniques and machinery to create small, thin, and complex designs with a shorter lead-time at a manageable cost.  Our uncompromising quality control standards ensure that every manufactured part meets all industry standards, and yours.

To meet increasing demands for medical manufacturing capacity from our customers, we offer our customers one single-source solution for multiple manufacturing technologies. With advanced technologies and machines for defined processes, we are confident that you will always get the best quality products. We produce the following products for Orthopedic Implants, Surgical, and X-ray Instruments, We produce the following products for Orthopedic Implants, Surgical and X-ray Instruments.