From process to final quality control.
You must be able to confidently verify the quality of your product. Every time. So we promise to make your gages and inspection fixtures simple, rugged, user friendly and repeatable. From start to finish, we maintain tight control of every process to ensure the finished product is exactly what you asked for. 
To ensure the final quality of our work, the dimensional control of the workpiece is systematically done along with the main steps, throughout its production. The samples are checked dimensionally using CMM equipment. In order to speed up the approval with an immediate inspection, COREGEN has the following equipment:
Brand Inspection equipment
B & S Scanning CMM (700 * 1000 * 660)
B & S Multi-function CMM (1500 * 3000 * 1000)
Haxagon Probbing CMM (1200 * 2200 * 1000)
Xiangen Non-contact Measuring Instrument
Mitutoyo 2D Height Gage
Mitutoyo Surface Roughness Tester
Mitutoyo Outside Micrometer
Mitutoyo Inside Micrometer
Mitutoyo Screw Thread Micrometer
Mitutoyo Bore Gage
Mitutoyo Thread Gauge
Mitutoyo Gauge Blocks
Mitutoyo Three-point Internal Micrometer
Mitutoyo Digimatic Caliper
Mitutoyo Vernier Caliper

AS9100 Quality Management System


The quality of product reflects the state of an organization. COREGEN is always strictly obtaining the process of AS9100 and ISO 9001. 
AS9100 Certification: To assure customer satisfaction, aerospace industry manufacturers must produce world-class quality products at the lowest possible cost. This document standardizes, to the greatest extent possible, the quality system requirements of the aerospace industry. Standardization of compliance requirements results in cost savings due to the elimination or reduction of unique requirements developed for each different customer.